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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your ordering process?

Each individual order is carefully arranged by hand in-house, and it is our commitment to ensure that the quality of our work is maintained each time. Due to this, we have specific timeframes for shipping and order cut offs for all our products as shown below.

Order Cut offs
Wednesdays and Fridays 5pm

Shipping Days
Mondays and Wednesdays

This means that if you miss the cut off timeframe, your order will be shipped in the next delivery cycle.

For urgent orders, we encourage you to message us directly via email so we can confirm our availability. An urgency fee of $15 will be charged.


What are the benefits?

Due to the environmentally friendly preservation method, the longevity of flowers greatly reduces waste and transportation costs in comparison with imported cut and artificial flowers. Overall, the carbon footprint activity is greatly reduced with sustainable preserved flowers.

Are they real roses?

Yes, they are. The preserved roses are made of a specifically selected species cultivated on the Emihana farm in Cayambe, Ecuador. The harvested roses are treated using a special procedure that extends their shelf life with several years without compromising the roses’ natural shape and radiance. The roses can then be produced in nearly all colors imaginable.


How long do the roses last for?

With proper care, the preserved roses can last up to a year. Because of the preservation process, the product can maintain the beauty of a rose in bloom.  The preserved roses can last longer if maintained well however please note that we do not have control of the environment as soon as the product leaves our site.


How do I look after the roses?

The exceptional properties of a rose, especially its color and shape, are best kept if exposure to direct sunlight, moisture, and extremely high and low temperatures are avoided. Under the right circumstances, the rose will maintain its perfect condition for a very long period.

In other words, do not water and avoid direct sunlight.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship nationwide and can ship overseas depending on the order. 


Do you allow pick ups?

We currently operate online and do not have a physical store however we understand that you may at times require the gift or product as soon as possible for a last minute gift.  For this reason, pick up is available from the 'check out' section. 

Please allow between 2 - 4 working days and let us know via email when you are planning to pick up the item. 

Email us with your order # on


How long does delivery take?

We use a local courier and therefore the estimated time of delivery is dependent on this, usually within 3 - 7 days (except rural areas). If you do not receive your item within this timeframe, please send us an email on


Can I get a replacement once my roses wilt?

Of course you can, we would love to continue to bring that same happiness the moment you received your #foreverosa item.  The fee will be based on the number of preserved roses / dried flowers you would like.  Send us an email to discuss this option on

Can I order in bulk?

At Forever Rosa, we welcome orders in bulk and can provide a wholesale discount.  Please email us at to discuss your specific requirements.