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The Benefits of Preserved Roses

What happens when you hear the words “Floral Gifts”? An image of a fresh bouquet from the local florist is likely the first thing on your mind, right? Flower bouquets that are beautiful, expensive, and will wilt after a couple of days, or a week if you’re lucky. What if we told you that there is an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and long-lasting alternative out there for the next time you want to give the gift of flowers to your loved ones?

It is our aspiration to bring a memorable gift experience to all our customers, and what better way to achieve this through our Preserved Roses collection.

You can choose from a variety of colours and packaging, whether it be to impress or making a moment memorable. Our Ceramic, Flair, Petite and Suede collections offer you a variety of Preserved Roses, fit for any purpose, customised with your loved ones in mind.


1. Preserved roses are the quintessential gift, suitable for any occasion or situation.

Is Valentines Day coming up? Every other chap and his dog are getting their loved ones roses delivered from the local florist and by the end of the day, and those roses will have lost their freshness and beauty. But not you because you wanted something unique and you got preserved roses. Yours last forever just like your love. (Cheesy).

Was grandma told to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks longer? Why don’t you bring life to her room and cheer her up daily, by reminding her to stay strong and beautiful just like the preserved roses you gave her? It will stay with her throughout her recovery, and long after when life returns to normal. She will love you for it. 

2. Our roses are REAL roses

None of that artificial stuff. They are made of a specifically selected species cultivated on the Emihana farm in Cayambe, Ecuador. The harvested roses are treated using a special procedure that extends their shelf life with several years without compromising the roses’ natural shape and radiance.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Long-lasting preserved roses equals environmentally friendly. How you so you may ask?  The longevity of flowers greatly reduces waste and transportation costs in comparison with imported cut and artificial flowers. Since you are not continually purchasing and replacing roses, you pile up significantly less waste (think about all of the bits and pieces thrown in together with a bouquet) and drastically reducing your carbon footprint activity.

Also bearing in mind that preserved roses do not require any caring for; no need to waste precious water on a dying plant nor the need for it to get sunlight to ensure it stays fresh. Low maintenance, easy peasy. Yay you and the mother earth!

4. Value for Money

Most importantly, preserved roses are value for money because they keep more money in your pocket by lasting longer. You don’t have to regularly spend your hard-earned resources as you would normally do with fresh-cut roses.

Our Preserved Roses collection ticks all the boxes.

Can’t wait to spread love and joy to your loved one - then what are you waiting for? 




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