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How to style a bedside table

We’re excited to share The Table Series with you today!

There’s no denying that the past year of being in quarantine and living through a pandemic has been challenging. One of the things we’ve noticed is that we now have a newfound appreciation of our homes. We spend so much time at home and have felt really inspired by our surroundings. When you are confined to one space, you start looking at things differently.

And that’s how our table series idea was born! We started thinking about the corners of our home and the spaces we frequently use. Before the pandemic, a bathroom was just a place we used to help us prepare to go to work or outside. Now it’s a place where we relax after a long day and unwind.


We started thinking about these areas of our home that gave us comfort during the last year and how best to spruce them up and make our houses truly a home.

For our first Table Series post, we wanted to share some tips on how to style a bedside table. 


1. Keep a notebook and pen handy 

Perfect for noting down those last minute to-do list reminders, clear your head before going to bed, or even noting down your dreams. Keeping a notebook and pen in your bedside table means your always ready to keep track of important ideas and thoughts as they pop up.


2. Clutter free is the key 

It’s important to keep our spaces clutter free, most especially our bedside table. We start and end our day in bed so make sure that your surroundings are relaxing. The best way to do that is to keep it as clutter free as possible and instead only have a few, key pieces beside you.

3. Make it pretty 

As we’ve said in the previous point, we start and end our day in bed and spend so much time in it. That goes without saying that our bedside tables are an extension of that sanctuary. The one piece of furniture we consistently look at while in bed. Why not make it pretty with a bouquet of our preserved roses? Because they’re preserved, they will last you for a long time. Choose a stylish vase that fits your décor and theme and let these roses brighten up your day everyday!


4.  Scents and other smells 

While the preserved Rose arrangements are a feast for the eyes, now is the time to think about engaging your sense of smell. What do you want your bedroom to smell like? Vanilla? Something floral? Citrusy? Musky? There are so many scented candles in the market so you’re sure to find the perfect scent for you. We like to go with something light and fresh during Spring and Summer, then move on to a heavier and muskier scent for Autumn and Winter!


5. Pick a colour palette 

We recommend choosing a colour palette with only three key colours in it so it’s easier to style and maintain. You can never go wrong with neutral tones like beige, browns, creams, and black! Even if neutrals aren’t your thing, it’s easy to add a pop of bright colours when you’re starting with a neutral base. We went with a black vase, white flowers as our key piece for this bedside table and made sure that all the other items we add compliments that! A clean colour palette is also more relaxing, making your room a true haven to relax and rest!


Happy styling!


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