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How to make your dining room more pleasing


When we think of a dining room, we normally think of sitting down on a table eating. We tend to forget what the room represents. How many times have we sat around on the table surrounded by the people we love and catch up about life.  

The dining room is where family comes together and spend time together. With this in mind, this particular area of your home should be a welcoming and inviting space.  Here's a couple of tips to help you:

  • Brighten up your space
    Open your curtains during the day or use warm lights during the evening hours. Make use of candles for a more intimate setting.

  • Centrepieces
    Centerpieces do not just make your table look aesthetically pleasing but research has also found that diners feel that they were in a more relaxed mood and able to enjoy their meals with flowers on the table.  You can also opt for our preserved floral arrangements as they can last for a long time without having to replace them often compared to fresh flowers.
  • Living plants
    Having a few potted plants around any rooms give it a sense of a nature feel. You can use hanging plants placed around the corners or hanging pots by the window.
  • Eye-catching light fixture
    Lights can make a difference in any space and can alter the mood of your dining area.  For example - a chandelier can create a classy and romantic feel or choosing a unique shape if you prefer a modern, simplistic look.
  • Colour
    The colour selection is an important process when decorating the dining area. Make sure the colours blend well with the surrounding - opt for neutral tones or opt for a pop of bright colours such as green or red.



Happy decorating your dining space.  Don't forget to leave in the comments below any other ideas/tips you can share.


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