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How to make your bathroom the most relaxing sanctuary in your home

Ahh, the bathroom, the most underrated rooms in our homes despite it being something we frequent at least several times in the day.

Here at Forever Rosa, we think that bathrooms should be given the same care, attention, and love as any other room in the house. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it also can’t be beautiful.


Here are our top tips on how to make your bathroom the most relaxing sanctuary in your home.

1. Storage and having a place for everything is key – No one wants to relax in the middle of clutter. That’s just a fact. The first thing you must remember is to keep your bathroom as tidy as possible. Take advantage of cupboards and storage solutions to hold all your stuff. Keep the sink areas tidy with only the essentials. Start with this and see how much it will change your daily routine!

2. A waterproof speaker will do wonders to set the mood – Speakers nowadays are much more sophisticated and some are even waterproof so you can take them in the shower with you. It’s no secret that music is such a powerful tool so why not incorporate that into your bathroom routines? A fun, upbeat playlist will hype you up for the day in the morning and a more chilled out, slower tempo tracks will help you unwind after a long day.

3. Add some life to the space – We might be biased but we genuinely believe in the power of flowers to not just lift the mood but actually turn a space from ‘blah’ to ‘fab’. The great thing about our preserved roses is that they won’t wilt and can weather the changes in temperature in your bathroom throughout the day. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be staring at beautiful roses while relaxing in the tub? Start with our collections here (

4. Invest in great towels – Towels aren’t just things we use to dry us off after shower. Be honest, how often do you get out of the shower and stay in your towel for a couple more minutes while scrolling through your phone? We know we have! So why shouldn’t your towels be lush and pretty to display?

5. Curate the scent – Some people swear by tying a bouquet of fresh eucalyptus by their shower others like to light a scented candle while they shower. Both these examples have one thing in common – scent! Think about it this way: do you buy shower products according to smell? Then why not apply the same principle to your bathroom. Surround yourself with relaxing scents and you’ll truly make every shower a calming, invigorating experience.

Have the most relaxing sanctuary!

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  • Do your roses smell like real 🌹 roses

    Heather Mason

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