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How to Elevate Your Living Room Style

What comes to mind when you see the words ‘living room’?

A comfy couch? A TV with alllll the Netflix account in the household? Maybe a coffee table to put down your glass of wine on when you’re watching TV…

What if we told you there was a way to make your living room even more cozy, relaxing, and a room you truly never want to leave?

In the last of our table series, we are talking all things living room and sharing our favourite ways to spruce up a space. From layers of texture to some artful gallery walls, read on to find out how to elevate your living room style.


  • Double the layer and texture – our favourite (and most cost effective to be honest) tip for transforming a living room is to add blankets to a couch! Blankets and throws in the same or complimenting colour palette in different textures will do wonders for your space. They’re also practical too as who doesn’t like snuggling under a blanket while watching Netflix?


  • Have a place for everything – there are a few things in our living room that are absolutely essential yet kinda ruin the aesthetics of the space! Sure they’re practical… but why can’t they be stylish too? Remote controls, phone chargers, and all the bits and bobs that’s handy to have in the living room can be kept in a cute little container that matches your table.


  • Add books for height and dimension – have coffee table books around? Why not stack them up for an easy way to add dimension to your space. We like to layer books of the same size and colour right in the middle of our coffee table as a centre piece. Just make sure if doesn’t get in the way of your TV #priorities


  • Flowers bring colour and life – there’s absolutely no reason why flowers can’t be part of your living room décor! Our roses are real flowers but are preserved so you get more life out of them. That means no constant changing of water in the vase, no risk of flowers drying up or rotting. Just beautiful, fresh looking roses that’s easy to maintain!


  • Hang up some artwork – got some artwork lying around? Wanna do something about your bare walls? Why not try a gallery wall. Just get frames that are matching/ones that look a like, pick a wall to hang them up on, and viola – instant gallery right at home! The best part? All the art are art that you already love.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our tips! Happy living room refreshing and don’t forget to shop for flowers here!

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